Michelle Shetler


Raised by two entrepreneurial parents, Michelle always had a desire to one day start her own business. During her years right out of college, she became an elementary school teacher while also purchasing and selling a small selection of accessories from her mother’s store. She sold those items through home shows for several years until her entrepreneurial passion kicked in and she started her own business selling high-end accessories and fashion jewelry for 15 years. This ultimately led her to opening Shetler Fine Jewelers in 2005. Ever since then, Michelle has created a business that would allow others to celebrate life’s greatest moments through the gift of fine jewelry.

Robin McEldowney

Sales Associate

Robin has been with Shetler Fine Jewelers for almost ten years, working mostly within sales. With a background primarily in retail, Robin has gained special training to elevate her knowledge in the jewelry industry. Her passion for sales and love for her clients has allowed her to succeed in building strong and genuine client relationships. When asked what she loves most about working for Shetler Fine Jewelers, she proudly says “what I enjoy the most about working here is how I am able to see my clients choose the perfect piece. Working at Shetler Fine Jewelers means that we get to be a part of some of the most pivotal moments in our clients’ lives.” Robin’s continued dedication to each and every one of her clients is what has made her such an asset to Shetler Fine Jewelers.

Paige Flinn

Sales Associate

Paige is the Renaissance woman of the Shetler Fine Jewelers team. While focusing mostly on sales, she helps out anywhere else that she can. Through her unique expertise, Paige has aided in many other aspects of the company such as marketing, design and buying. In her nearly four years of working for Shetler Fine Jewelers, Paige has found that it is the clients and her team that inspire her most. Paige found her way to the jewelry business through her love of all things that are beautiful and precious. Growing up she would ask that her parents “group together” special occasions so she could receive fine jewelry rather than multiple small gifts, making her appreciation for jewelry quite apparent. It is that special love and genuine enjoyment in connecting to each and every one of her clients that has allowed Paige to flourish not only in the jewelry business, but specifically at Shetler Fine Jewelers.

Courtney Williams

Store Manager

Since starting with Shetler Fine Jewelers in 2013, Courtney has shown tremendous commitment to the company by serving as the Store Manager. Due to Courtney’s history in education administration, she continues to seamlessly manage the entire team. Courtney is impressed every day by observing the team’s dedication to both clients and each other. When asked what separates Shetler Fine Jewelers from all of the rest, she excitedly says that, “The exceptional customer service we provide, along with our brand promise, makes shopping with Shetler Fine Jewelers a fun and remarkable experience for everyone involved.”

Michy Alexander

Repairs and Custom Coordinator

Michy is the Repair and Custom Coordinator at Shetler Fine Jewelers and has been with the team for three years. In her past experience, Michy worked in the real estate field, but has since found a calling in the world of fine jewelry. She was able to quickly learn the ins and outs of repair and custom jewelry by training with our jewelers each year to brush up on her skills. This helps us insure that each piece is handled with the best level of care and caution. She has a passion for helping people and making them happy, so this career is the perfect fit for her, as it allows her to bring so much joy to the clients with whom she works with. Dealing with jewelry repairs definitely comes with its challenges, but Michy’s commitment to detail gives her the upstanding reputation that she has at Shetler Fine Jewelers

Whitney Smith

Outside Sales Associate | Private Client In-Home Consultant

Through her years of working in multiple aspects of the fashion industry, Whitney gained an unmatched level of expertise that has served her very well at Shetler Fine Jewelers. What makes Whitney’s role unique is that she does not work the regular store hours and is available by appointment only. Her history ranges from sales to buying and managing, giving her a great understanding of the modern industry. She excels in many areas, but prides herself on her ability to find the most fitting piece for each specific client. The trust that the clients have in her is something in which the Shetler Fine Jewelers’ team finds much pride and promise in. Whitney’s ability to consistently think big picture allows her to help her clients find the perfect piece that can be worn to any and every kind of event they may attend.

Emily Honigblum

Marketing and Special Events Coordinator

Emily serves as the Marketing and Events Coordinator at Shetler Fine Jewelers. She has gained most of her experience living the last four years in Houston, Texas working in fast-paced environments. Through her experience in Marketing, Design and Operations, Emily has made for a great addition to the team. Working in many different fields in her previous careers, Emily gained invaluable knowledge on business development and daily operations to not only maintain but to grow a business. “What excites me the most about this industry is how much of a connection is created through these beautiful pieces of jewelry. These pieces play such a prominent role in so many people’s stories”. Her life-long love of jewelry combined with her prowess in marketing and events allows her to excel greatly as a member of the Shetler Fine Jewelers’ team.

Marissa Woodruff

Sales Associate

Marissa is the newest member of the Shetler Fine Jewelers team, and brings with her over seven years of previous jewelry experience. Her passion for client satisfaction, attention to detail, and inviting personality truly makes for a wonderful experience when working with her. Her recent move from her hometown of Houston to San Antonio has been greatly aided by her desire to work amongst all areas of store. This has allowed her to partake in many behind the scenes projects while still focusing on her sales role. When asked what she enjoys most about the jewelry world, she joyfully says, “I love working with engagement and bridal clients. Getting to create such a personal connection with someone by hearing about their pasts together and what the future holds is indescribable. I truly enjoy partaking in one of their biggest life moments and making sure they have a beautiful piece to remember it all by.”